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Reshaping university athletics


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In their 110-year history, Canadian university sports have never had a cohesive, bilingual brand. Formerly known as "Canadian Interuniversity Sport - Sport interuniversitaire canadien", the new name and identity resolves remarkable language challenges with a design that clearly conveys "Canadian University Sport" — without ever saying it.

Fifty-six universities. Twelve-thousand student-athletes. Five-hundred coaches. Seventy-seven hundred games and twenty-one national championships each year. They all come together under one brand: U Sports Canada.

Introducing U Sports (60 sec)

U Sports Films

We produced and directed a series of seven films explaining the inspiration behind the brand, why university sport matters, and athlete stories.

The films will be released leading up to the Vanier Cup on Novemeber 26th. Here are the first three.

Behind The Brand (6:25)

Why University Sport Matters (2:13)

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