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It's in our nature


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From swimming lessons to the world championships, Swimming Canada is responsible for a massive range of programs, properties and events. The brand is also tied to high-performance centres and provincial governing bodies. As a result, the brand was remarkably diversified, with different strategies, naming structures, themes, and aesthetics for every initiative.

We rebuilt the bilingual brand around a non-verbal emblem, extrapolated a consistent system for all sub-brands, and positioned Swimming Canada as an elite organization that is relevant to millions of Canadians.

The refreshed brand has turned the heads of top athletes, design blogs, and new partners.

Logo for Swimming Canada

Brand Launch

Hulse & Durrell developed a launch campaign that unifies the place and passion for swimming in Canada: it's in our nature. The sentiment was organically shared on social media by swimmers of all levels, as well as the creative community, where the brand was reviewed by some of the world's biggest design blogs.

Event Branding

A unified and sustainable event identity system

When we began the process, each of Swimming Canada's key events had wildly different names and brands. Every event represented a missed opportunity to increase brand awareness for the organization, add value for sponsors, and most importantly, to make these events even better for athletes and supporters.

Our systematic reposition unified the event series to enhance public impressions of the sport, the organization, its partners, and athletes at every level of competition, from Age Group Championships to the Olympic Trials. It also enabled many of the same materials to be used for multiple events – saving money and reducing waste in the process.

Programs & Partners

Exponential brand awareness

Like Swimming Canada's events, each separate program had a disconnected sub-brand with little or no connection to the organization — from encouraging children to swim to honouring the country's top athletes.

We unified all levels, ages, programs, and partners through a consistent, yet unique system of marks and guidelines. The result builds more recognition not only for the sport, but also for the organization and its partners, sponsors, and athletes.

Grassroots Program

Grassroots Program Emblem for Swimming Canada

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Emblem for Swimming Canada

Training Centres

Emblems for Swimming Canada Training Centres


Emblem for Swimming Canada Swim-a-thon

Provincial Teams

Emblems for Swimming Canada Provincial Teams

Brand Manifesto

Touched by three oceans and connected by grand waterways, Canada and water are emotionally and geographically inseparable. Canadians are not intimidated by the elements. We embrace them. We conquer them. When it's frozen, we skate on it. When it's warm enough — and sometimes even when it isn't — we swim in it.

From backyard and community pools to cottages at lakes and rivers. From first swimming lessons to summer lifeguarding jobs to the thrill of standing on the racing blocks. Moving in, through and around water is ingrained in who we are.


The history & iconography of swimming in Canada

In 1912, George Hodgson won Canada's first two Olympic swimming medals and set a world record in the 1,500m freestyle. His achievement came just a few years after Canadians began competing on the international stage, but our nation's swimming iconography didn't gain wider recognition until the late ‘60s.

The swimmer, circle, and maple leaf appeared in a variety of styles and arrangements with varying success through the ‘70s and ‘80s, when Baumann, Davis, Ottenbrite and Tewksbury became Olympic champions and household names – ushering in a golden age of Canadian swimming.

I am very excited about the new brand. It honours the past while setting a bold statement for the team going forward.

— Brent Hayden, 2012 Olympic Medallist & 2007 World Champion

The pride in our new brand is immeasurable. From our staff to partners to the public, we now have a brand that everyone wants to be associated with.

— Chris Wilson, Director of Marketing, Swimming Canada

Emblem Evolution

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Swimming Canada Brand 1980-90s 1980-90s
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