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Curling is one of the oldest organized sports in North America and one of Canada's most iconic sports. Curling Canada is the second largest national sports organization in the country, with a 40M annual operating budget. The organization owns and operates a massive portfolio of events, programs and properties.

Over several months of research and development, we designed a unified brand that reflects the values, aesthetics, and history of this elite organization at every level, from grassroots to high performance. The rebrand also set the stage for a national merchandise partnership with TSN — the first merchandise program in the organization's history.

History & Research

Canadian curling dates back to 1759. In 1807, The Royal Montreal Curling Club became the first organized sports club in North America, and by the 1900s, Canadians were throwing curling rocks on rivers and rinks.

The sport's rich history led to an interesting realization: We were curling before we were a nation. We were curling before we were Canada.

Canadian Shield

Shield iconography appears throughout the history of curling in Canada. It distinguishes provincial teams, frames champions on trophies, and adorns banners hanging at rinks nationwide. Most importantly, it was the centrepiece of the Curling Canada emblem for over 50 years.

Brand Evolution

A new name, emblem, and brand system

The new emblem communicates all essential information without words. It works across every aspect of the brand system and has increased impressions, awareness, and equity.

The rebrand also introduces a name change. Formerly the Canadian Curling Association, Curling Canada is modern, memorable, and fully bilingual.


Emblem for Curling Canada


Programs for Curling Canada

Event Portfolio

Event Portfolio for Curling Canada

Bilingual Event Brand System

Bilingual Event Brand System for Curling Canada

Fundraising Event

Fundraising Event Emblem for Curling Canada

Fundraising Event

Fundraising Event Emblem for Curling Canada

Brand Applications

Brand Launch

The launch presented the new brand layered over a heritage theme: We were curling before we were Canada. The brand was picked up on social media by curling and design communities across North America.

Brand Guidelines

If there were an Olympics for brand identities, this one would definitely be on the podium.

— Applied Arts Magazine

The new logo is so simple it hurts.

— Armin Vit, Brand New

The ideal blend of tradition and modern impact that will keep moving our sport forward.

— Marilyn Neily, Chair of the Curling Canada Board of Governors

Emblem Evolution

Brand Circa 1950 Circa 1950
Brand 1970s - 1990 1970s - 1990
Brand 1990 - 2014 1990 - 2014
Brand 2015 2015
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